Skye Cartier

Before Contacting

  • Thank you so much for checking my site! Well informed men are the best! Just so you know, the following lessons are non-negotiable and for the lessons duration. Take care to notice I do have additional fees for traveling, its not very fun to lug equipment around as we are all aware! Make sure you have your lesson picked out before contacting me! Thanks!


  • Lessons are always scheduled with a minimum of 12 hours advance notice, Most weekdays I am available for appointments, when I am not traveling, between the hours of 11am and 10 pm. If you contact me through any other means then email after these hours, I will not be the happiest girl.


  • I am happy to travel to your studio within the country or outside of it! Please be courteous of my time and contact me with a minimum of 24 hours for travel in the states. International travel requires at least a weeks notice and for either adventure, you are responsible for my flight (to and from you) as well as my lodgings for the time desired.


  • When I am out visiting a city, appointments must be made with a minimum of 36 hours before time. Pre-booked classes are automatically first priority and do require a small downpayment which goes directly to your lesson.


Our Time

  • Now that you’ve had the chance to check out my lesson options, please make sure you are well prepared for your choice! Any lesson longer than 2 hours includes a break, which must include morsels and libation. Bear in mind I am not aware of your limitations, only you are, so please plan for them, whatever they may be. For lessons that bleed over into the night, I do require a minimum of 5 hours sleep, or else!


  • Before leaving for our lesson, I ask that you are properly sweet smelling and perfumed so as not to offend either of us. Also be sure to have your tuition in an unsealed envelope and ready to place it in an open space provided when we meet.


  • If we are meeting in public first, a small card or book is perfect for any setting, although if you care to include a gift, you will only make my smile brighter!


Till Next Time

  • Another lesson is always an improvement on the last, all they can do is get better and better! 


  • If you need a referral after seeing me, I am happy to provide on up to 3 months after our lesson, be sure to let me know beforehand so as to make the process swift and painless!


  • Access to Snapchat is included after our lesson for 1 month, after that, it's either time to see me again, or start your subscription.