Skye Cartier


Allegro ($700) - an hour spent together, creating a quickly played tune

Scherzo ($900)- 90 minutes, and the minimum requirement for new students!***

Harmony ($1300) - two hours of music made for you

Fantasia ($650 p/ Hr)- a maximum of 4 hours of rhythm with no fixed form


Crossover ($3000)- an inspirational time up to 6 hours of music created just for you in the night

Bebop ($4000)- creating the perfect movements that can last up to 12 hours Overnight

Smooth ($7000)- think of Brian Culbertson while we dance well into the next day


(Museum, Show, Game, Amusement Park, Hiking etc.) 

A public meeting without lessons or for primary verification purposes

Indie ($500)- a one hour concert
Folk ($1300)- getting lost in a museum for 3 hours
Art ($2000)- A potentially 6 hour picnic